Google Gets Burned: FeedBurner Acquisition a Done Deal

June 1, 2007 · Posted in Marketing, Solutions You Can Use, Strategy, Technology · Comments Off 

As of 1:00 today FeedBurner was officially acquired by Google. I had a quick chat to day with Rick Klau today regarding setting up an account with them and was double checking about the Terms of Service when he mentioned that they would be updated at around 1:00 today. So the rumors were true! Yes, it seems they were.
I’m excited to see where this all goes. Google just continues to get bigger, but they are making strategic buys too. I mean just think what the JotSpot acquisition will do for them if they integrate it into Google Apps. RSS is the future of content distribution, and now advertising opportunities too. I believe that RSS subscribers are more targeted than regular website pageviews and traffic. FeedBurner has a great model and it will serve Google well.
Congrats to FeedBurner. They have long been a company I’ve admired, wished I could have worked for (and now you see why!). You can read more about the acquisition at the Burning Questions blog.
Update: Google’s Announcement
Chicago Tribune Story (Free Reg. Req.)

Feeding Your Passions: Rubel Gives 35 Ways to Use RSS

June 19, 2006 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off 

Steve Rubel gives a quick 35 ways to use RSS feeds today. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Add a little Feed Flare to those managed feeds and you can get one hell of a powerful marketing medium. Sooner or later anything that you are interested in will have an RSS feed associated with it. WCMS systems are understanding the power and many are building it in. Here are some of my favorite that Steve points out:

What’s your favorite use of RSS besides to monitor your favorite blog or news source?

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