Tim Berners Lee Speaks Out on Net Neutrality

June 23, 2006 · Posted in Web · Comments Off 

The grandfather of the Web speaks out about Net Neutrality. I’ve been hearing some bits and pieces of this topic over the last few months, but Tim makes it pretty clear on what Net Neutrality is and what it is not. His last comment is what hits home for me:

I hope that Congress can protect net neutrality, so I can continue to innovate in the internet space. I want to see the explosion of innovations happening out there on the Web, so diverse and so exciting, continue unabated.

Other Net Neutrality Content:
* Definition from Wikipedia
* “No Tolls on the Internet” article from The Washington Post 6/8/06 (may require registration with the paper)
* “Getting a Fix on Network Neutrality” from Knowledge at Wharton
* Net neutrality fans “crying wolf”? – c|net

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