The End of a Chapter: My Time at the ABA

June 29, 2011 · Posted in Articles, Feature 

Hard to believe I was at the ABA almost 10 years.  Time flies and I can still remember saying to myself, fresh out of college, “someone shoot me if I’m here five years from now.”  Well I almost doubled that time and never regretted any of it.

As I look back I have indeed done a lot. I’ve grown an organization as much as it has grown me as a professional.  I was given opportunities that I tried to take full advantage of and created a few of my own, including creating my own department — Interactive Services.  While I somewhat feel compelled to write a novel about my time at the ABA, I am not.  My passion was focused on making the ABA a better place, either through the website, our email marketing efforts, and ultimately the member engagement experience.  I feel I brought the ABA a long way in those spaces, but not without a lot of help from others.  I’d like to thank them here and now.  While this list won’t be exhaustive, they are the ones who stand out the most.  They include Amy Peebles, Joe Andrews, Chang Ahn, Hank White, Ed Adams, Jack Rives, Tom Howell, and my fellow ISD staff.  On the counter part of staff our some fabulous members who have supported me through thick and thin.  They include Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy, Steve Weiss, Vince Polley, Lucian Pera, and Bob Clifford.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

A reflection wouldn’t be complete unless you look backwards at what has past.  Here is a quick history of the different looks of the ABA website while I was there.  My direct involvement started in late 2005 through 2011.

I believe in the fundamental fact that you should always leave a place better than when you came to it.  Maybe it is part of that Boy Scout values, or just the values I had growing up.  I believe that I left the ABA a better place than when I first came to it.  I was not alone in the changes that were made during my time.  Thank you to the many who helped me along the way – from encouraging me to take the lead on projects to believing in me even when I didn’t sometimes.

I move on to bigger and better adventures.  Some of which will be described here in the next few weeks.  Needless to say I will be taking my passion, knowledge, and expertise and helping other organizations be successful online…making them better than when I found them.

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