How I Plan to Use Twitter in 2009

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TwitterTwitter is one of those social media tools that is hard to ignore, but a lot of people are not sure how to use it. Personally, I use Twitter as a resource, a pulse of the industries I follow, and for business. I
try not to use Twitter to update what my kid did today or other mindless
comments. That being said, of course the occasional tweet like that and local news will filter into the stream.

I’ve tried a few strategies on how to use Twitter in 2008 from only following my friends and people I’ve met, to being very selective, to following a ton of people in industries and following almost everyone who follows me (which sometimes I really wonder how they find me). I tried the Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) approach of getting the fire hose and then paying attention to replies and direct messages. I’ve tried to use it as a sounding board with little success. But that may be attributed to how little I tweet in the first
place. I’ve seen Twitter used very successfully as a networking tool from the sorts of Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe) and Peter Flashner (@flashlight). However, as we enter 2009 I will use a new strategy. This is important to note because it will help you determine if you want to follow me or not as well as if I will follow you in reciprocation.

If you follow me @FredFaulknerIV you will find useful information. Follow me if you like what I tweet/retweet. Follow me if you are into social media, marketing, business, and associations. Don’t follow me solely for where I work. I will occasionally tweet about work I do for my employer. This will be for good reasons, but not a regular occurrence.

I will also use this Twitter account to also network with others (virtually at first, and hopefully in person at some point in the future). I believe the power of tweets can start conversations, first publicly, then privately over direct messages, and then to email.

The concept of Twitter isn’t going away.  MovableType is releasing Motion as part of their platform in early 2009, which can make that platform a major player in the social platform market.  Businesses are jumping on Twitter and using successfully.  See what Shell Israel is doing with Twitterville. But with all things social media, 2009 will be all about moderation.

So look out for the concept of a Tweet, or a short 140 character message.  It is changing the way we think about communicating, what we communicate, and can we be effective in what we say.

The People Have Spoken – We Won a Webby!

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The ABA Journal has won the People’s Voice Webby Award for the category of Law today.  Thanks to all that voted. 

Feedburner Launches Web Site Stats

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Yesterday Feedbuner announced that they launched a new stats application that is the direct result of their BlogBeat acquisition earlier this year. I’ve had a chance to integrate it into this Web site and have been thoroughly impressed with what it has to offer. Now let me say that this isn’t necessarily a full-blown analytics replacement, but for bloggers this is one sweet deal — RSS & Blog stats in one location. Feedburner rolled out all the important stat information like:

  • Average Daily Visitor
  • Top Pages
  • Incoming Traffic Sources
  • Outgoing Traffic Links
  • Visitor Information (browser, city, OS, etc.)

Overall, it is looking like a great addition to their free services.

We All Need to Relaxify Our Workspace

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Via Matt Homann, Steve Pavlina gives us 10 ways to relaxify our workspaces. I have an office on the 21st floor that really has little personality to it. I have a white board, some paper taped to the wall with examples and other Web stuff, and a plaque/picture of the history of Wrigley Field. Outside of a picture of my wife and me on my desk, I have no other real personal affects there. That needs to change. I spend the greater part of my day in that office and I should make it more “me.”
So soon I will bring some other personal affects to my office to be hung up on the walls as well as some other pictures for my desk/credenza. I think if I’m going to talk on the phone, have meetings, and do paperwork I might as well have something interesting to look at. Plus, it makes others feel like you are there for the long haul…and you probably mentally are committed to your job when you have more personal things at the office. I’ve been in my current job almost a year and two pictures is just not enough.

Feeding Your Passions: Rubel Gives 35 Ways to Use RSS

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Steve Rubel gives a quick 35 ways to use RSS feeds today. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Add a little Feed Flare to those managed feeds and you can get one hell of a powerful marketing medium. Sooner or later anything that you are interested in will have an RSS feed associated with it. WCMS systems are understanding the power and many are building it in. Here are some of my favorite that Steve points out:

What’s your favorite use of RSS besides to monitor your favorite blog or news source?

You Should Read…Recent Additions to my Aggregator

June 19, 2006 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off 

I’ve been cleaning out my aggregator, but at the same time I’m adding new feeds of blogs that I find fun to read and very knowledgable on topics. Here are just a few that you might want to check out:

Is it coincidence that all these sites use Feedburner for their RSS feed management? I think not…they know a killer resource when they see it.

Microsoft Taking RSS Seriously in 2007 Releases

May 25, 2006 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off 

After much rumor regarding how much RSS will be integrated into the new Microsoft releases of their 2007 Office line as well as Vista OS, Rick Klau of Feedburner gives us some intiial reaction to how Outlook 2007 integrates feeds.
PCMag also has screen shots of Vista. Somehow this look stragely like another OS interface. Regardless, MS finally kicked up wth cool factor on its UI.

In Seattle Later This Week

May 16, 2006 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off 

I’ll be in Seattle later this week for a meeting. I’ll have some free time, but not a ton. Mostly on Saturday afternoon/evening. Anyone out there who reads want to get together for a beer? Drop me a line at faulknef [at]

Podcasting Blowing Up!

April 20, 2006 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off 

Feedburner reports that Podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds (at least from the feeds that they service). Rick Klau, VP of Businness Dev. for Feedburner reports on his blog the interesting fact:

In May, 2005, we managed about 6,000 podcast feeds – today that number is well over 45,000 feeds. What’s particularly intriguing about that number is that there are just 44,000 radio stations worldwide (AM, FM and shortwave). It’s a cool milestone, as the media landscape continues to shift…while radio audiences have been declining for years, podcast audiences are growing almost 20% per month.

Yeah, that is amazing. I’ve only recently got into podcasting. Mostly as a listener, but I’ve dabbled in creating a show as well. Maybe someday I’ll produce one for The 21st Floor. My new iPod Video helped get me to listen to podcasts. iTunes just makes it so dirt simple. Subscribe, listen, and remove once done.
Of course podcasting has no sign of slowing down. The “un-label” is being created by Adam Curry and Podshow looks to bring everyone new ways of monetizing on podcasts. Big sponsors like Earthlink and GoDaddy see the value and have jumped on board with this new medium. Yes, the record labels and radio stations have something to be worried about because ad dollars are going to be shifted from MSM to independent producers.
Realizing that podcasting is not just for independent radio shows, the legal profession sees this as an educational tool to provide CLE for either on-demand or self-study. You can check out my article on the subject at LLRX in my monthly column.

Ernie the Attorney Goes Solo

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Ernest Svenson, affectionatly knowns as “Ernie the Attorney” announced today that he is leaving Gordon, Arata and is opening up a solo practice in New Orleans. Here is part of his announcement this morning:

I’ve learned a lot from Katrina, as I’m sure many people have. One thing Katrina taught us is that massive change can arrive very quickly, and have unpredictable results. If uncontrolled massive change can come into your life then why not try to bring about a little purposeful change just to balance things out? I’ve reflected on what changes I would make if I could.

I met Ernie a couple of years ago at ABA TECHSHOW®. He is bright, intelligent, and “gets it” when it comes to technology, business sense, let alone common sense. Ernie has been highlighted before for his reporting on what was going on while Katrina was hitting the Northern Gulf Coast region. I expect to see great things coming out of this challenge Ernie has taken upon himself.
You can check out his new firm, Ernest Svenson Law Firm LLC at

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